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Mobile WiFi, SIM cards, and
cell phone rentals - since 1985

TripTel offers several plans to keep you connected while you travel:

  • Cell phone rentals (voice)
  • Smartphone rentals (voice + data)
  • SIM cards
  • Unlocked cell phones
  • WiFi hotspot devices

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Reserve your mobile phone rental or travel solution early to take advantage of:

  • Savings with Google Coupons and online promotional rates
  • Convenience: get your mobile number ahead of time
  • Expedite your cell phone rental pickup at the airport
Save money and enjoy a more convenient cell phone rental or wireless solution by reserving your wireless solution before you depart!

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TripTel makes renting a cell phone, WiFi hotspot, or purchasing a SIM card easy. You can receive and return your communications solution in any of the following ways:

  • Directly at one of our airport locations
  • Shipping via FedEx

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TripTel offers two methods to pickup your cell phone rental:
  1. Delivery:
    Using Federal Express, TripTel will send or pick up your rental phone anywhere in the world. Local delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area is also available. Please contact us for arrangements.
  2. Pickup at a TripTel location:
    Pick up your mobile phone hire from any of our easy-to-find locations:
Cell Phone Rental Requirements
A valid identification and credit card are necessary to complete the rental process. There will be a $250 (for United States cell phone rental) or $500 (international cell phone rental) authorization to your credit card at the time of rental.
 San Francisco International Airport
mobile phone rental in SFO: San Francisco International Airport
Int'l Arrivals Terminal:
Arrivals area, near exit A

Hours: 8:30AM-9:30PM
Phone: (650) 821-8000
Fax: (650) 821-8010
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Save on Shipping Charges!  
TripTel Cell Phone Rental right at the airport saves you money!
Unlike with other services, you can avoid costly shipping charges by reserving your phone rental and picking it up directly at the airport with TripTel.

TripTel Mobile Internet Services
San Francisco International Airport - 9AM-9:30PM, 7 days/week
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